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Wish List

Dear Lovers,

It has taken me a very long time to make a wish list. I feel very uncomfortable asking for gifts of any kind as I would much rather earn what I am given. However some gentleman have expressed an interest in bringing tokens to our dates. Please note that I do not expect anything it all and will be grateful to simply have the chance to spend time with you, but should you wish to bring a gift I have listed a few below that would give me everlasting joy in my day to day life.

Gifts can be given in person or (if applicable) sent via email to Please refrain from sending gifts to my incall as I am not always there and it is not very discreet to have the delivery person asking for 'Jade Blair' at my building's reception. Should you wish to send a gift via post, kindly contact me so I can make arrangements.


Jade xoxo


Donation to Respect Inc

Respect Inc is a peer run organisation for sex workers. They provide free health services, peer assistance, support, information, referral sharing, and outreach visits to sex workers. They also educate  the general community about sex workers and sex work, and take part in amplifying the voices of sex workers in any law reforms or media that involves us.   Donations over $2 are tax deductible. 

Myer Gift Card

Whether its new sexy lingerie or an electric can-opener a Myer gift card allows me to get whatever I need most at the time. 

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Vittoria 'Espressotoria' Expresso Coffee Pods

I absolutely love coffee. I think I have more coffee in my veins than blood at this point! Espressotoria Pods are something I will absolutely adore, just make sure to get the Espressotoria ones - NOT the Nespresso compatible ones (they don't fit my machine, I learnt that the hard way).

Chanel Chance Eau Vive

What girl doesn't love Chanel perfume? And what man doesn't love getting a hint of the delicate fragrance as he kisses behind her ear?

Don't worry about buying the wrong kind, I love them all.

download (3).jpeg

Dyson Hot and Cool Purifier (HP04 or HP03)

Give me the gift of clean crisp air, protect me from the harms of city living even when you are not there

download (6).jpeg

QPAC Gift Cards

If you have been to my incall, you have heard my terrible taste in music. I love musical theater and a gift, no matter how small, that can help me make a life long memory would be forever treasured. 

download (7).jpeg

Honey Birdette Gift Card

Statin and lace are all things naughty and nice. Treat me so I can treat you...


T2 Green Rose teabags

I may be addicted to coffee but I also love a cup of sweet tea on a rainy night. Perhaps we could have a cup together x


Floral Scented Candles

Frangipani is my favorite but I love all floral and tropical scents except lavender. Why don't you pick a scent that gets you hot and bothered so everytime I light it, I will think of our time together..