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Terms & Conditions

By booking and/or purchasing Jade Blair's services the client acknowledges and agrees to all of the following:


Kindly put your phone number as the reference; failure to do so may mean that Jade cannot identify your deposit and it will therefore be forfeited. Your booking time will not be reserved until full payment of the deposit is cleared in Jade's account, this is why payment methods that can take a few days to clear (i.e. bank transfers) are not recommended.

Deposits can be made via:

  • Beem It (preferred method)

    • Jade's username is @jadeblair


  • Cash deposit at a SMART ATM. These can be found at most Westpac branches and are 24/7

    • Bank: Westpac​

    • BSB: 034-010

    • Account Number: 457675

    • Account Name: jade Blair



    • BSB: 034-010

    • Account Number: 457675

    • Account Name: Jade Blair

    • Bank: Westpac​

      • Please note I can not return deposits via bank transfer in order to keep my personal information secure. If you send a deposit this way I can return it by a cash deposit (when I am able to get to an ATM), beemit or gift card of your choice. ​

Your deposit makes up part of the principal payment: i.e. if the service price is $850 and you pay a $50 deposit, your amount owing on the day will be $800.


Your deposit secures your time with Jade; it covers the costs associated with the booking and also the time it takes for Jade to get ready for you. As such your deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Should you cancel your booking, you will forfeit your deposit. In the unlikely event that Jade has to cancel, she will offer you an alternate time and/or a full refund of the deposit.


Jade's consent to any and all sexual activity are conditional upon full payment, however she does reserve the right to withdraw consent at her discretion. By paying the deposit, you acknowledge and agree to these terms.



Jade will always try to be as flexible and reasonable as possible if the client is late. However, due to other commitments Jade may only be able to hold your booking time for 5 minutes. If the client is more than 5 minutes late, then the whole time he is late will come out of his purchased time at Jade's discretion. The client is advised to allow extra time to park and access the booking's location as these things are unpredictable in Brisbane city.


Should the client arrive with ANY signs of:

  • potential illness (including but not limited to: conjunctivitis, colds, body rashes, cold sores and head lice) or

  • potential signs of sexually transmitted diseases (including but not limited to: irregular discharge, red bumps, scabs, pubic lice, chafing or crotch rot) or

  • open wounds, or

  • wounds that could open during the booking's activities (such as an ingrown pubic hair having the potential to burst and leak fluid) 

the client agrees that the service will end immediately for both parties' health and safety. Should the client show up to the booking with signs or potential signs of illness or the like, any money paid including deposits and the principal amount will not be refundable or transferable.

Jade is not a trained medical professional. She will use her best judgement; however all signs of illness, diseases or health risks, no matter how minor, will result in the termination of the booking. Should you have any signs of illness appear before your booking please talk to Jade about it via SMS on 0492 858 322 and she will do her best to make alternative arrangements.​


Clients should not enter Jade's incall or book Jade's services if in the previous 14 days they have:

  • returned to Australia from overseas (other than a safe travel zone country) or been in close contact with an active COVID-19 case

  • been in a Queensland declared COVID-19 hotspot, place of concern or exposure venue, as defined by the Chief Health Officer

  • had a fever, cough, sore throat, headache, distorted sense of taste, shortness of breath, chills, vomiting or any cold/flu like symptoms in the last 72 hours.


The client acknowledges that Jade will send him a list of sexual experiences (herby called the 'service list'). The client acknowledges and agrees that by sending this list of allowed sexual activities, Jade has communicated to the client that she does not consent to any sexual activity taking place other than the activities explicitly stated on this services list. This includes, but is not limited to NOT: fingering Jade, chocking her, touching her face or slapping (or pretending to slap) her face.


The client agrees that if there is a sexual service he wishes to partake in that is not explicitly listed, he must verbally or in writing get Jade's explicit permission to do said sexual act. Clients agree that they will not attempt to non-verbally get permission to do a sexual act too or with Jade, as the sexual activities she will participate in have already been fully negotiated and established in the service list.

The client also acknowledges that it is up to him what sexual activities he would like to do within the constraints of the purchased package. Due to time constraints, not every activity in the service list may be completed. No refunds will be given for sexual activity not fulfilled within the allotted time. Should the client wish to do a particular act, please inform Jade before the booking to avoid disappointment.


Jade's consent to any and all sexual activity are conditional upon full payment, however she does reserve the right to withdraw consent at her discretion.


The client agrees to use a prophylactic (condom or the like) for vaginal penetration and rubbing/touching of the vagina and anus. The client agrees to use said prophylactic properly including but not limited to:

  • using the correct size condom

  • putting the condom on properly

  • not rubbing/touching his bare genitalia on Jade's bare genitalia

  • not rubbing/touching his bare genitalia and then touching the condom (this contaminates it)

  • not allowing himself to drip sexual fluid onto Jade's bare genitalia 

  • not deliberately breaking or interfering with the efficiency of the condom (this is a criminal offence)

  • holding the base of the condom when removing oneself from Jade (this stops the condom slipping off)

  • discontinuing thrusting once ejaculation has started (also prevents the condom from slipping off)

  • removing oneself from Jade once the client has stopped ejaculating or has started to become flaccid - whichever occurs first (this prevents fluid from leaking out of the condom)

  • halting the sexual activity immediately if the condom slips, breaks, or the like

  • frequently changing the condom as needed

  • not putting any type of oil (such as massage oil) on the condom or body parts/items that the condom may come into contact with

  • using lubricant as needed (prevents the condom from breaking)

Clients agree to use the prophylactics supplied by Jade as she will not use ones supplied by the client. Jade has every size of condom available in Queensland (including female condoms); she also has non-latex condoms. Should the client not fit any condoms correctly he acknowledges and agrees to discontinue parts of the service that requires condoms. No refunds or transfers are permitted.

Should the client not use a prophylactic properly the service will end immediately; any money paid will not be transferable or refundable. The service will also end immediately without a refund or transfer option for any monies paid, if the client requests that Jade perform any services without a condom as this is illegal in Queensland.


The police will  be contacted in cases of assault, rape or stealthing (deliberately removing or interfering with the condom) as they are crimes in Queensland.


Full payment must be made upfront before any services are given. Payment of the fee owing after the deposit must be made in Australian Cash unless alternative arrangements have been made in writing. Jade's consent to any and all sexual activity are conditional upon full payment, however she does reserve the right to withdraw consent at her discretion.


On arrival to an incall the client must take a shower and use soap. The client agrees to wash all areas of his body with soap (including but not limited to the face, beard, anus, genital region and armpits). The client agrees to use the supplied mouthwash, deodorant and hand sanitiser as needed. The time taken to wash will be included in the purchased booking time. Failure to follow these conditions will result in the immediate termination of the service, any money paid will not be transferable or refundable. The client agrees to these terms when purchasing Jade's services. 

P.S. most clients get this right, but you would be surprised how often people forget to wash their 'behind'.


By purchasing Jade's services the client testifies that he is 18 years of age or over.

By purchasing Jade's services the client testifies that he has the legal capacity to consent to sexual services in Queensland, Australia.

The client acknowledges and agrees that all information supplied by him to Jade is factual and correct including but not limited to his name, photos, ID and age. The client agrees to bring, and allow Jade to view, his legal form of photo identification should he appear to be under the age of 25, before the beginning of the booking as required by law for the supply of sexual services. 

Should the client have misrepresented or lied about his name, supplied photo, age or ID the booking will be terminated and any monies paid will not be refundable or transferable.

If Jade has previously refused a client's booking request  in any manner including, but not limited to, using the words 'I don't think we are a good match'; she has withdrawn her consent and does not wish to do sexual activities with said client ever. Should said client attempt to book Jade's services again with different details  (such as a different name/phone number/photo) and not inform her of doing so, she will contact the police as this is rape/attempted rape. It is a crime under s 348(2)(f)  of the QLD Criminal Code to induce another into believing that you are their sexual partner.


The client agrees not to become intoxicated by any manner (legal or illegal drugs or alcohol) to the extent that he is unable to consent to sexual services. Should the client arrive at the booking intoxicated or become intoxicated during the booking, the service will end immediately and any monies paid will not be refundable or transferable.



The client agrees not to bring another person to Jade's incall building/complex. Should he do so the booking will be instantly terminated and any monies paid will not be refunded or transferable. Should the client require another person to assist him due to disability, he must arrange this with Jade beforehand, otherwise the booking will be cancelled without a refund or transfer option.


The client agrees not to take any form of photography, film or audio recording at ANY point during his time with Jade. The client must keep out of sight any recording devices including, but not limited to, their mobile phone and smartwatch. Should the purchased services include photography, this will be done by Jade only and on her device only. The footage and photos taken by Jade are not to be shared to or viewed by anyone except the client.

Any client who films, records or photographs in any way will be reported to the police due to it being a criminal offence under section 227A of the QLD Criminal Code. The booking will also end immediately and any money paid will not be refundable or transferable. 

Should the client distribute, share or allow others to view any images/recordings or the like that has been taken of Jade during a booking the police will be contacted as it is a crime under sections 223 and 227B of the Criminal Code.


The client agrees not to post any form of review of Jade or her services on any type of review platform other than, and The client agrees not to post any form of review on on any other website including forums such as

The client agrees not to post explicit details of the sexual services provided to him by Jade in a review. The client also agrees to bring to Jade's attention any perceived shortcomings of the service during the booking and give her an opportunity to remedy it, before posting a negative review.  Jade is very open to suggestions and wants you to have the best time possible with her, so please let her know if there is anything she can do to make your time better - before it is too late!


The client also agrees to not repost any of her media including pictures to any third party website or reproduce them. The client also agrees not to publicise or share in any way, any personal information about Jade such as, but not limited to, her location, her real name, the incall she is working from or the security or intercom codes to her incall building.


All personal information is stored in accordance with the APP principles in the Australian Privacy Act 1988. Your information will only be shared if an incident occurs that requires police attendance. On request, records of your photo can be destroyed at the conclusion of the booking.

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