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WET - Why Escorts Don't Shower With Their Clients

Sadly showering with clients is something I almost never do anymore. When I first started as an independent escort I would shower at the beginning and end of every booking with my client. It was hot, soapy, slippery fun. But I, like many escorts, had to stop.

Why? There is a few reasons... and the first is a little embarrassing.


The main reason is my hair. Having Dutch heritage means my hair is incredibly fine and thin, so it breaks very easily. It’s also very, very frizzy - think Yetti hair or someone who has been electrocuted in an old comedy sitcom. So to make my hair glamorous (or even just neat and tidy) it requires heat, either in the form of; straightening, curling or blow drying.

But every time my hair gets a dose of moisture it returns back to its original Yetti form which requires another lot of heat to fix. This constant heat has irreversibly damaged my hair to the point that it has started breaking off.

And, before you say, ‘I won’t get your hair wet’. Yes you will.

First of all my shower is small, it does fit two people - but only just. Second, most men are taller than me (to be honest, practically everyone is taller than me) so when the water hits their shoulders a small amount will bounce off and hit me. And lastly, the steam from the shower is more than enough to turn my hair into a massive frizz ball.

I always shower right before and after every single booking, however when I shower, I soap up before jumping in the water to minimise my time under the spray. I also use cold water and keep the shower door open to minimise steam.

To keep my golden locks intact I must stop the constant long, hot, steamy showers even though I don’t want to.


The other reason is that when I shower with clients they tend not to wash properly. Most get distracted (which is understandable, I get distracted by boobs too) and are too embarrassed to wash areas such as their anus and armpits. And though I love giving a soapy back massage I am not willing to wash a grown man’s bum... and if bums arn't washed, I end up with brown stains on my white sheets (yes it has happened many times).


What's worse is that some clients use 'shower time' as an opportunity to rub their uncovered genitals on mine. Some clients forget that even if you don't intend to have sex, just rubbing genitals together (or rubbing genitals on anuses) can transfer STD's. This does happen fairly often, but it's particularly hard to navigate in a shower as I can't simply move away for fear of slipping over.


During our hot, sexy showers some clients love to give me a soapy body massage. I absolutely adore this - except when it comes to my lovely little lady bits. No matter how many times I say "soap should soap should never go near a pussy, especially not on the inside" some clients seem to not understand. Which is understandable; vagina's are wondereous things that feel very mysterous. A lot of women don't even know its not a good idea to put soap 'down their'.But the fact remains that putting soap on a pussy (even just on the lips) is a great way to give your lady friend a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis or even a UTI. Not only is this incredibly painful it can sometimes prevent us escorts from working - which means we can't pay rent.

So I will leave you to have a hot, steamy (and hopefully soapy) shower so we can have some sexy fun times after.


Jade xoxo

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