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Sex Games

Meet me at my incall as I open the door for you in a silky robe. See my eyes gazing into yours while we both wear a mischievous grin. You slowly look down as I pull open my robe and… reveal a deck of cards!

Surprise! We’re playing Strip Poker!

Here are some of my favourite games I’d love to play with you during a booking…

1. Strip Poker. One of my lovely gents taught me how to play Poker, since I’ve been wanting to learn for a while! We had a few rounds (and played Poker), but I think he let me win hehe. I’m now so excited to show off my new skills to you! Let’s see how quickly you can get me to strip.

2. Hot Sex Deck. Check out 50 new positions with me using some cheeky cards! Photos are included for ‘guidance’, along with answering the ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions. Make it even greater with the ‘try’ section. Let’s not rush through them, however. Savour your time with me as we show ourselves 50 new ways to play and orgasm together…

3. Sex Dice. The first die has naughty actions, second the lucky body part to perform them on, and third the time limit. Roll them all together, and we have multiple ways to have fun before we even get to the main part! Increase the anticipation of our time together by imagining just what they will make us do… I’m getting wet just thinking about it…

We can indulge in even greater passion by using flavoured lube and toys during these games. Just ask! I certainly wouldn’t mind that at all ;)

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