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How to contact an escort

You would not believe how many text messages I get from strangers that just say ‘Hey’ or the dreaded ‘Are you available?’

Both are almost guaranteed to be ignored. Here is why:


Firstly this does not give me the information you think it does. In my year of independent escorting I have learnt that ‘are you available’ means different things to different people. Here are a few meanings:

  • Are you available = right this second for a booking, I have read your advert, am in your suburb and have instant payment options for the deposit.

  • Are you available = right now, but I don’t know where your incall is so I don’t know how long it will take me to get there. Could be minutes could be hours. Could you just wait around for me all day?

  • Are you available = sometime today, I have the day off so I can come anytime

  • Are you available = in the next few hours

  • Are you available = at a very specific time in my head that I am not going to tell you

More than often it’s the latter.

‘Are you avail’ leaves me guessing what you really mean and having to spend a lot of time asking you a million questions to figure out said meaning. So cut out the hassle and just tell me what day and time you are after. If you have multiple availabilities, state your preference and let me know you can accommodate other times.


Knowing how long you would like to stay is vital when figuring out if I am available for a booking. I might be able to do a 30min, but not a 1hr booking. So let’s stop the ping pong of text messages and just tell me what you are after up front.

If you are not sure how long you would like to book because you want as you want to know what services I offer first - just say that! Then I can send you my list and we can go from there.


Escorts are professionals. We provide services and just because they are sexual does not mean basic manners can be ignored. Think about how you would request a service from a mechanic or hairdresser? Would you just ask their availability with no context? Or would you give them your name, tell them what service you are after and what times will work for you?

When you don’t give me the basic decency of even introducing yourself you are showing disrespect - intended or not. And I don’t have sex with people who disrespect me.


I get it, there are millions of adverts and it can be hard to remember all the details. But you must understand that when I allow you into my incall space to see me alone, I am risking my safety. I need to know that I can communicate with you and that you will listen. I have designed my adverts so that all the important information is at the top. If you won’t listen to me over the internet, how can I be assured you will listen in the bedroom?

Reading our advert is the first step to passing screening.


Please don’t contact me for a booking if you are not ready to book. Asking my availability next week because you may or may not have a spare hour is pointless. I don’t know what I will be doing in the next 30 minutes, let alone next week, and unless you pay a deposit and pass screening I will not be able to set aside that time for you. If you would like to book me that’s great, just wait to contact me until you are ready to lock it in.


I love a little dirty talk but unfortunately I am a very busy lady. I do not have the time to entertain gentleman on unpaid time.

If you have a fantasy in mind that you would like to approach me about the best way is to be to the point initially. Asking ‘do you do golden showers or bondage?’ Is much better than then sending me a 3 page scenario. If your fantasy is more complicated we can get into the details later, but keep it short and sweet in your initial message.

Though I don’t kink shame, I have received some incredibly long, very graphic, hard core kink fantasies from clients without warning. They always insert me into the scenario. Though I am happy you have found something you enjoy, that does not mean I enjoy the same thing and some kinks can b

e very distressing for me to read - particularly if I am in the scenario. So don’t send us fantasies or dirty talk. Thanks.


Here is an A+ example of a great message that is very likely to get a response

“Hi Jade, my name is John. I saw your advert on XYZ website and would love to make an incall booking with you next Tuesday in the afternoon for 1hr. I am flexible on the time.

Could you please send more details about your GFE and Naughty GFE service? Also can you wear stockings?

I am ready to send the required screening and deposit info. Looking forward to hearing from you!”

Here, John has introduced himself, clearly read my advert and has given me all the information I need to proceed with the booking process. He has also told me the information he requires from me upfront, which saves us going back and forth with messages. Gold star to John.

If you have made a mistake in contacting me in the past - don’t stress. People make mistakes, it’s how you learn from them that really shows your character!

Try contacting me again with the new information you have learnt and we can have a cheeky night together.


Jade xoxo

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