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How I Make Incalls Special for You

Whether you prefer incalls or outcalls, I make sure everything is up to standard at my incall. I want you to feel like a king from the moment you contact me to your bittersweet departure, so I invest in luxuries that make you feel even more special than you already are.

So what should you expect from my incall? After a jovial greeting from yours truly in any outfit you request, walk in to a clean and fully-furnished modern apartment with the fresh scent of a candle lingering in the air. It’s small but sweet (like me!)

You will also be offered a selection of beverages to make you feel more at home. No need to be shy - I have tea, coffee, and cold water available for my lovely guest. Want a specific brand? Soy milk? No sugar? No worries! I have most dietary requests covered, but please message me on 0492 858 322 to confirm.

After you’ve quenched your thirst, we’ll engage in some flirty chit-chat before you freshen up in the shower. Men’s body wash and beard shampoo & conditioner (for all my bearded lovers!) are waiting to be used by you to make yourself clean for me. For in-shower ‘entertainment’, you can snicker at my quirky posters that remind you to wash yourself EVERYWHERE! Don’t forget to in the middle of your laughter though; there are reasons why I have them ;)

While drying yourself with the many new hotel-brand towels provided to you, you are welcome to brush your teeth and apply deodorant. Clean, brand-new toothbrushes and cups are available for your use along with toothpaste, Listerine, moisturiser, and aerosols of body spray. Finally, now you’re ready for me and I’ve been waiting…

Myself and the silky clean bed are all set up for our discreet rendezvous… but wait! I won’t play with you until you’re wearing a properly-fitted condom. Located just an arm’s reach away from the bed, I have all sizes available and if things get a little rough, lubricant is there to help us slide along. Hehe, now let’s get down to business…


Our session was so fun but now it’s over. Depending on how much time we have left together, we can engage in another, and another… or engage in some more flirty chitchat. Ask me some questions! What’s my favourite film? What music do I like? I’ll be happy to answer them while snuggling into your arms.

Now the hard part… saying goodbye. I’ll hug you just a little too tightly while telling you how perfect today was, and how I hope you had a good time. Hopefully, our date will spur you on to book some more time with me, so goodbyes aren’t always so hard! I’ll just count down the days until we see each other again…

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