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Best Coffee Dates

Whether you are a returning lover or wanting to get to know me better, one thing I love is COFFEE! We have many memories of cold mornings, copious amounts of assignments and late, late nights together. I would kiss the person who invented it if I could, and do whatever else they wanted…

While sifting through Brisbane’s cafes and restaurants in search of good coffee, I’ve decided to share some places I’d love to make some sweet new memories at with you.

1. L’Americano Espresso Bar. A great Italian-style restaurant to sit down and have a nice meal and coffee. Open the door for me like a good gentleman, and maybe I’ll reward you with a sneak peek of my panties. Tell me about the different types of boats on display there. Do you enjoy jet-skiing or other similar activities? I want to know everything about you while we sip our coffees And if we choose to order dessert, watch me happily lick some off your spoon…

2. La Costa. A fancy Italian-style restaurant where we can sit down and play footsie under the table while waiting for coffee. Nestled in the corner of two bustling streets, this cosy industrial place has an Italian architectural feel to it with its bright white paint and arched windows. Let’s pretend we’re in Milan as we enter in our Sunday best and order meals and coffee. Play footsie under the table with me while waiting so we can savour each other’s company. I want you to hold my hand while eating with our other hands as we dine under lights that seem brightly-lit just for us.

3. No.5 Cafe. A hole-in-the-wall hidden gem. Small and sweet (like me!), this quaint little cafe spoils you with dining choices in a snuggly bar interior, or a chic laneway exterior. I just want to be with you, so you can choose our seats and I’ll pick the one that’s as close to you as possible. We can play with each other’s fingers while waiting for our orders. If you get a coffee, maybe I’ll be bold enough to lick milk foam off your lips…

These places are all within walking distance of my incall, so let’s grab a coffee somewhere new and act like we didn’t just have a wild time a few moments before!

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