Will you offer me a discount?

My fee is reflective of my high-quality service so it is not negotiable. I understand that it may be too high for some gentlemen's budgets; if this is the case I suggest finding another service provider who can meet your needs better.

What can I expect during the booking?

Due to Queensland law, I cannot advertise the sexual services I provide. What I can tell you though is that I am a naturally sexual, passionate, and outgoing person. If you would like a detailed list of my services please message me on 0492 858 322.


As for my incall, you can expect to arrive at a clean and cosy modern apartment. I have a cleaner stop by once a week and my sheets are professionally laundered and changed after each date. My time with you will never be rushed;  I try to create as welcoming of an atmosphere as possible, beginning with a full-length mirror in front of the bed for our viewing pleasure. I can also provide non-alcoholic refreshments on request.

If you would like more information please visit my Terms and Conditions page:

What is expected of me?

I have no expectations other than being respectful. Factors such as age and ethnicity are irrelevant - I just want to enjoy our time together.

To avoid awkwardness, kindly pay my fee on arrival in cash. Please do not be offended if I count the money in front of you. This means I feel safe in your presence and it gives us both peace of mind that there have been no mistakes when counting it.

I can provide you with a shower, deodorant, and mouthwash. I do expect that you have impeccable hygiene. There is nothing sexier than a nice smelling man. Yum!

As per the norm for escorts, I will check you for visual signs of STIs. If you have any lumps, bumps, rashes, redness, or discharge please see a doctor before booking time with me. It is sometimes hard to tell the difference between simple razor burn and STIs so I tend to err on the side of caution. Should you arrive with any of the above symptoms I will cancel the booking without a refund or reschedule option. I take my and my clients' health very seriously. 

I also do expect that you do not ask inappropriate questions (e.g. for natural services), let's just keep it classy. 

If you would like more information please visit my Terms and Conditions page:

Do you have any STIs?

I get an STI check every three months and can provide you with proof. This is because I care about my health and those of the gentlemen I see. It is also why I do not provide any natural services. Condoms, dams, and gloves in all shapes and sizes are available for our comfort. I also provide hand sanitiser and antibacterial body wipes. If you want I even have single use face masks for us to wear (this is not recommended - although it would be hilarious).

What information do you need from me?


To book a date with me I require your full name, phone number, full face photo (no hat or sunglass), email address and a deposit between $30 and $50 depend on how long you book.



I require your full name, phone number, legal photo ID such as a drivers license, email address and a deposit of $100.


The reason I require photos/photo ID is to save us both a very awkward encounter if we happen to already know each other. The photo also helps me put a face to a name so I don't accidentally pounce on a handyman at my door thinking it was you (it has happened before - don't ask haha). But finally, and most importantly, it helps me relax during our time together as I know I am safe with you (axe murders don't tend to like paper trails) which means I can spend all my energy focusing on the fun things we can do together. 


Asking for full name and email is not the norm for escorts, however it is currently required by law under the Public Health Act 2005 (Qld) via the Restrictions on Businesses, Activities and Undertakings Direction. Like any business I am responsible for getting your full name and two types of contact details for Covid-19 tracing. This information will never be given out unless I am forced to by law. In the event of a possible Covid-19 transmision, QLD Health will collect your information from me and inform you of the transmission. By law medical information (which is what this is) is not allowed to be published. I have been told by QLD Health that they are vague in their initial contact with you, so you do not need to worry about your significant other finding out where you have been. This information is required to be destroyed by QLD law after 56 days and can not be used for marketing purposes.

I understand that you value your privacy so if you do not feel comfortable providing this information that is okay! I am sure there are other providers that are better suited to your needs. 

Are your photos real?

All my photos are real! My gallery has unedited selfies as do my Twitter and Instagram accounts. I also send nude selfies in my newsletter which you can sign up for on my contact page.

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Can you send me more photos/selfies/nudes?

I have worked hard to represent myself in a true and accurate way. I provide more photos than most escorts on this webpage. Should you want more, please subscribe to my Twitter for daily photos (link on the right-hand side of this page).

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What services don't you provide?

I do not provide any natural services, fingering, slapping or pretending to slap my face, PSE anal, BDSM, hard impact play, role-play, couple or lesbian play. I do not use, nor do I entertain people partaking in drugs and excessive alcohol. Though I love to get freaky, I am only little so please be mindful of being gentle if your 'member' is on the longer side. Also, I love being manhandled but I do have snow-white skin so please be careful as I bruise easily.

During the booking process I will send you two service lists titled "Girlfriend Experience" and "Naughty GFE". Everything on these lists are things that I enjoy in bed, if it is not on the list, chances are I do not feel comfortable doing it.

What questions should I not ask?

Just like you I have boundaries that are not just sexual. There are some questions that can come off invasive or even offensive so please do not ask:

  • Do you live alone?

  • Do you provide natural sex, or natural blow jobs? or anything similar (i.e. 'I love natural Blow Jobs' is just as uncomfortable)

  • Do you live at your incall?

  • Asking for my address when you have not completed the booking process

  • What is your real name?

  • What university do you study at?

  • What highschool/primary school/exact suburb did you grow up in?

  • What is your personal social media or phone number?

  • Can we go on an unpaid date or hangout as friends?

  • What does your family feel about your work/do they know?

  • Asking questions about sexual activities that were committed when I was a minor will see you kicked out the door

  • What ELSE do you do? What do you want to do after this? What real job do you want? -  I love sex work and will do it well into my old age. Sex work is real work.

  • What is the strangest request you have had?

  • Have any of your clients hurt you?

  • How many clients do you see?

  • Can I have a photo of your face?